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If you have been to stores like RELIANCE FRESH, MORE SUPERMARKET, etc in Chennai or anywhere in India, you see them billing on a touch screen monitor. That’s the machine on which Point of Sales (POS) software is installed.

Doesn’t it make their business look Super cool & Exciting? It also makes the customers happy and relaxed, as billing of a huge number of items is completed within a short time.

We, also, have developed a point of sales (POS) software for your business. If you own a rapidly growing store where a number of customers visit daily, then Point Of Sale software is your NEED. We provide POS online billing software in Chennai as well as in any other place across the globe.

Be it a Restaurant, a Super Market, a Shopping Mall, a Simple Store, a Retail, or a Wholesale Business - POS is the Core of them all.

What POS Does

We render POS retail billing software in Chennai and it Replaces the dull cash register system and provides many additional, attractive features.

Machines don’t make mistakes. POS billing software does billing accurately.

Uncomplicated and efficient tracking of sales- You will know effortlessly which item sells in what quantity using POS software

POS retail billing software lets you know which items are STOCKED and which are to be purchased

Point of Sale software helps you set multiple prices for a single product according to the amount of profit you want, or discount you wish to offer. You save lots of efforts and time; it is all SIMPLE with POS

It would not take days to calculate and maintain accounts. With POS online billing software, it is all automatic and available at your fingertips. You will save salary of an accountant

POS retail billing software Provides security for transactions and records

All the records can be well organized, accurate, and present at your FINGERTIPS because of Point on sale software.

POS software provides Fast service - It does more work in less time

Pos online billing software leaves a wonderful impression on customers

Pos software saves time and energy of customers and staff of your store

The billing staff would work happily as their work is made easy because of this retail billing software

POS online billing software makes customers Happy & Comfortable

Isn’t it amazing? There are not many POS software sellers in Chennai. Contact us, Get a free quote and know more details about the software.

“Old is Not Always Gold! Employ Point of Sale Software and Make Your SalesProcess Easy and Efficient”
Why Purchase POS Software from Us?

We sell Point of sales software in Chennai and across the globe. we made our POS software meet the global standards, so that all our customers receive top-notch service from us. Our POS software has special features, such as:

You can know sales report of your business INSTANTLY and accurately using Point of Sale software.

You can do customer management easily. POS software helps you know who the regular customers of your shop are, and you can provide those customers membership cards, discounts, and special gifts to engage them more in your store.

The inventory management feature in this billing software lets you know how many items are stocked in your store and in what quantity.

With the employee management feature in our POS retail billing software, you can assign different roles to different employees and analyze their performance

Our POS Software is User-friendly. Your employees would learn to use it easily and master it in no time.

You would love to use the Software again and again. Our POS billing software has an attractive and Colorful UI

Point of Sale software has Easy look-ups, Stock taking and inventory adjustment features too.

The Inventory Management feature in Point of Sale software also helps you know what product sells more, so you can predict easily which of them to buy in bulk and which in small quantity.

POS software secures all the data of your business. It provides exceptional security for the important data.

Pos online billing software can place Purchase orders as well as take Customer orders

This retail billing software can Export the data to MS-Excel, making further analysis and presentation of data even easier

Point of Sale software provides Time-clock & reports features

This retail billing software can be operated by Multi-users and it works both online and offline

Doesn’t it sound exciting? The POS online billing software can turn the tables of your business. We provide POS software in Chennai and other parts of the world. Try our amazing software!

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