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UBER, PAYTM, and FLIPKART - you know well about these companies. They have growing customers each day. Do you know what is the secret of their success?

When PAYTM was first launched, it was just a recharge app, but it soon upgraded as an electronic wallet and shopping app, now having the highest number of users and transactions. It is all about using the platform and opportunities in a RIGHT way.

Because every other person has a Smartphone in their hand, Android Software Development for a business has become a necessity in order to reach and engage the customers. Mobile apps are also being used to start up new businesses. All you need is a great idea and a COMPELLING MOBILE APP.

Android &i OS & Mobile App Development |iBSS
With every passing year, business and marketing on mobile apps has been increasing constantly, and companies have been generating huge revenues through it

With increasing competition, mobile apps have played a vital role in ENGAGING THE CUSTOMERS, INCREASING THE SALES, and BUILDING A STRONG REPUTATION IN THE MARKET. If you don’t make a mobile app, your competitors will do it before you. The “least” you can do with a mobile app is promoting your brand among diverse customers across the globe.

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We, at IBSS, develop astounding mobile applications for businesses. Your mobile app can possibly bring you more customers than your website. We are a Mobile application and website development company in Chennai that knows how to make successful apps and we are READY to do it for you!

We create apps that will surpass your expectations. We focus on fulfilling customers’ needs brilliantly through mobile applications.

Imagine that you spend a lot of money and get your app built, and at the end you get unsatisfied users. This can happen if your Android Software Development is done with poor quality and without proper research.

For this reason, our mobile app development team keeps itself updated about all the trends, and also, we develop fresh ideas for fulfilling customers’ needs as well as your demands. In a nutshell, WE BUILD QUALITY APPS that can deliver your requirements in a unique way.

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We RESEARCH THOROUGHLY about the target-users before designing the app. This helps us carefully decide what features would capture users’ interest and engage them in your mobile app.

We analyze the target-audience and get accurate information about their weak and strong points, and then build the best performing app.

Our Company's Way of Mobile App Development

COMMUNICATION - Soon after you contact us, we respond you back, and first, listen to your story, your requirements, and your strategy. We pay careful attention to all the minute details you share with us. We then dive into a deep research to know about your target audience and their needs.

STRATEGIZE - We study your requirements for Android software development, and brainstorm for innovative and unique ideas, and our team discusses these advanced strategies and research results with you.

FINALIZATION - We prepare final list of features for your mobile app development and organize them all as per your selected strategy and other preferences.

DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT - Our mobile app development company Designs beautiful apps for you; we take special care of its structure, color, icons, functionality, performance, and everything else.

TESTING - We let different team members test the app before launching, so that we gather their feedback and rectify all the glitches accordingly, thus making an exceptional mobile app with smooth interface.

LAUNCHING - Each and everything will be verified well, and you yourself will personally check the live app before launching it. After your approval, we deploy the mobile app that is going to make your business successful.

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What Kind of Mobile Apps Our Company Develops for you

We develop top-notch apps for both android and Apple – We remember the platform differences while doing it; So, both the platforms can have high performance, light weight apps built by us. Our Iphone App development service and Android Software Development service are both spectacular

As for categories of apps, we develop ALL KIND of Mobile Apps; be it educational, shopping, or any business app such as mobile app for hospitals, traveling, or hotel – we make all of them.

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Things We Care About:

“Unfortunately your app has stopped” – we never want users to see this on their screen. So, we develop a smooth user interface and keep your android and ios app software light weight.

A single crash can tarnish your image in user’s mind, and your loss is our loss. Sometimes, users uninstall the apps due to such unpleasant experiences. Our Android app development company in chennai makes sure that users’ phones don’t hang because of your mobile app.

If Android / iphone app is difficult to use, users won’t open it again. We keep platform differences in mind while building apps for android and IOS. We make the app as clean and straightforward as possible.

Our Android Software Development service makes the users love your app because we use fresh and diverse ideas to hook them up.

Users love interactive and live apps and our Android and IOS app development team loves making such apps

First impression is the best impression! We keep the Mobile app design simple yet attractive, easy to use yet having diverse features. Chat with us and get a free quote

Our mobile app company takes special care of app performance and its appearance. Users love the apps that are pleasing to eyes.

We follow a small rule: Great User experience= no unhappy user. We don’t want unhappy users for your app. So, we focus much on user experience in Android and iphone app development.

Our mobile app development company makes apps that can function without internet too. Since many users prefer app having both offline and online use, our Android Software Development team develops mobile apps that work perfectly even when offline.

Be it a Service Providing, an Educational, or a Shopping App - We know How to Engage the users.

Security issues can cause serious loss to businesses. Our Android development team makes sure there are NO security loopholes in your app

We do time-to-time maintenance and optimization of the client’s app to improve and update it. Our IOS and android app development team operates the apps frequently even after the launch.

Our Android app development company strategizes the client’s app for MONETARY AND MARKETING benefits, and builds your mobile app keeping competition in mind. For example, Social media is used by a multitude, so we add special features that connect your app to different social media, so as to capture attention of new customers.

We’ve heard the story of nivea where it provided a service for mothers on its mobile app, and in return, the HAPPY MOTHERS increased nivea’s sales enormously. We intend to make your IPhone and Android app a marketing tool for your brand. So, we implement different marketing ideas to attract customers.

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Our mobile app development company is located in Chennaiand it provides world class service for foreign clients as well as Indian clients. We are trying to become one of the best mobile app development companies

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